Newland is distinguished by its entirely new, unique and exciting tours, that we guide ourselves. Our destinations and tours are well proven, and our local partners are among the best in its field. We are currently the market leader in areas such as the North Pole and Greenland, and with regards polar training programmes and logistics planning based in Norway - with innovative equipment solutions, teaching techniques, and expedition food plans from the Nobel prize winner in Nutrition.

Why us

The group
Ahead of all trips, we arrange group meetings, training sessions, and conference calls, so that everyone is the best prepared for the trip. It is important that everyone contributes, and that we function as a group from day one. This makes the experience and the trip a little more special for everyone.


As a Newland customer, you can enjoy % discount on all personal equipment purchased from our links with the expedition shop in Oslo. Regarding group equipment - we use only the very best equipment, that has been tried and tested out on some of the toughest expeditions.

Only the best is good enough for you as our customer. A guide must be able to 'play on many strings', and the openings are small for those who want to work for us. We employ some of the most highly skilled guides on the market. All of our guides speak excellent English, even though this is the second language for most!

Our vision is to "deliver and have fun". We have over 90% of our customers returning on new trips and, for us, this is a good sign that we are good at delivering the goods. Humour on tour is very important, and makes the trip easier for everyone. We always want to improve, making the details a little bit better, but most of all, to deliver more than expected.
We hope to see you on tour with us soon!

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