Food on tour
For the past 3 years, Newland has worked with the Nobel prize winner in nutrition with elite athletes, and some of the world's best nutrition experts. This has given amazing results on our short and longer expeditions.

We can help you with choosing the right accommodation, flights, local guides, local transport, permits, safety, buses, taxis etc..

Route planning
Choosing the right route can be a critical decision for your own and your team's safety, whether it be on Denali, over Greenland or to the South Pole. We can give you co-ordinate GPS route points and the best you the best possible chance of success.


We can recommend the correct safety equipment, medicines/first aid and repair kit equipment, as well as offering a standby contact advice support service for your next tour, to help you deal with any eventuality.


After many years working in the outdoor expedition industry and with numerous tests on tents, skis, clothing and other equipment, we know what works in each environment in which our expeditions take place. We also work with distributors and their design/production teams to keep up to date on all developments.

Weight & friction

We have 3 years of experience developing a friction-less pulk (sledge), we have found new solutions for warm inner soles, lighter and better solutions for other expedition equipment. Using our models will be a significant success factor that also reduces the likelihood of incidents and equipment failure on your next tour.