South Pole 2015

‘Dear Newland, Svante and Helen.

Thank you so much for my Polar Training and guiding me on the Hardangervidda Crossing – they both put me in a good place mentally and physically for my successful 46 day Full Distance Ski to the South Pole.

Thank you for the training, help, positive encouragement and all round friendly and professional support.

I recommend that anyone thinking of going to the Poles does this preparation and Newland is a brilliant company to do it with. You can’t beat a bit of Norwegian experience and expertise either – I’m so pleased I chose to learn from the country that does cross-country skiing (approach, kit and knowhow) best!
I made it.

Thank you.
‘Polar’ Paula

North Pole 2010
I thought I should drop you a short note just to let you know that I had the most fantastic trip to Norway, Svalbard and the Polar Ocean! It really was the experience of a lifetime!

You were absolutely outstanding. Apart from being really a great guy to spend time with,you went well beyond what could ever have been expected of you - especially given the completely unforeseen volcanic ash problems. I know of several groups that had their trip to the North Pole cancelled, but youstill managed to get me there and we had a lot of fun along the way. Should any of your other prospective clients ever need a reference- please don't hesitate to point them in my direction as I would be very happy to assist. All the best and thanks again ! Charles
Wintertraining 2009:
What a brill week - thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks so much for the leadership, knowledge, company, laughs and memories that will last for a good while. I feel privileged to have spent time with and learnt from such folk as yourselves - thank you. Sarah
South Pole 2008:
Hi Svante, How are doing dude? Just a quick and belated note to you to thank you so much for your guidance on the trip.I know for sure that without your patience,motivation and excellent cake cooking our team would have struggled to do what we did and also to have fun and learn skills at the same time.There were a lot of issues for you to deal with in particular Johns evacuation!

So well done to you and I hope that I could now build an ice shelter if I ever needed to if I encountered difficult circumstances on the ice.For my own part I really wanted as you know to have done the full two degrees as this was the goal I set myself and I feel sure that even after we got John safely out we could have achieved this if only we had been able to do enough KMs per day.However this was not to be!

It was a pleasure to travel with you and if you ever find yourself in the UK give me a call. Andrew Pearce

North Pole 2006:
"The whole trip was splendid and this was due in large part to the excellent leadership which Thomas and you gave the group". John Bourke
North Pole 2006:
Dear Borge, firstly, to say how much I enjoyed the trip and secondly, to convey to you just how impressed I was with Thomas and Svante.
Svante undertook his role of guide exceptionally well. The safety of the group was paramount in all his actions and together Thomas and Svante worked outstandingly well considering neither had met each other before the expedition.

Quite apart from undertaking their role of leader and guide impeccably, they were both extremely lively and engaging individuals. Everyone in the group got on extremely well which is so important on a trip of that nature and a good part of that was down to Thomas and Svante's amusing and engaging styles. Considering the broad cross-section of age, nationality and background, you could not have wished for a more collaborative and cohesive team - many friends were made and will be maintained as a result of sharing such a unique experience brought to life and made so enjoyable by Thomas and Svante.

I appreciate that these expeditions are an important part of your professional life and it was therefore a potential risk in handing over the leadership to Thomas. Rest assured, he did not let you down. Indeed, you should be extremely proud of how Thomas and Svante rose to the challenge and exceeded in every respect. I now understand why both of them are such close friends of yours. Guy Munnoch